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Based in Taverham, near Norwich, Norfolk, and focusing on Stress, Depression, Anger Management and Anxiety, as well as Grief & Bereavement support, I base my counselling not just on theoretical learning and knowledge, but on real and actual experiences; I have gone through divorce – twice - had child custody battles, been suicidal, depressed and have tried to end things, and have spent many years working in an extremely stressful industry. On top of this I have also lost a dear and close family member.


I am highly empathic and so can relate to, empathise with, and understand many of the mental health challenges people are going through, and because I have personally been through many of them myself, I can more effectively help and support others too.


The rest of my website will be online shortly, in the meantime please contact me if you need help and support, or if you are a company, business or organisation wishing to offer independent mental health support to your employees.


Tel / WhatsApp: 07508 833 433.

E-mail: Robin@MentalHealthSupport.info




Counselling Skills Diploma

Anger Management Coach

Grief & Bereavement Counsellor

Diploma in Relationship Psychology

Positive Energy Coach

Body Healing Coach

Pain Management Coach

NLP Practitioner

Life Coach


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